Culinary Kids Day Camp

This unique program is given during the Summer months. Culinary Kids Day Camp consists of an introduction to Culinary Arts, Food Safety, Cooking, Internet Research, Food tastings and several trips on Farming and Agriculture. Students also learn product knowledge, Calorie counting and the preparation of gourmet meals on a budget.

Culinary Kids CSA

The Culinary Kids CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program provides fresh produce to customers who buy shares for the growing season which runs primarily form June to November. On a weekly basis customers pick up fresh organic produce very inexpensively. Many type of shares are available upon request. Full shares (which feed a family of 4-5 people) can include fruits and vegetables, organic meats, cheeses and dairy products. Half shares for individuals and smaller families are available as well. Shares are designed to fit everyone's family size and budget!

Culinary Kids Farmers Market

Culinary Kids Farmers Market which is part of the WIC and SNAP programs runs from July to November. Every Saturday during the season Culinary Kids Farmers Market offers fresh organic produce to the public. Our Farmers Market offers the best and freshest fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices. For more information on dates and times for both the Culinary Kids Farmers Market and the Culinary KIds CSA program, please contact us.

Culinary Kids Youth Entreprenuership Program

Through this program, students will learn hands-on how to operate a farmers market as well as marketing and selling produce to the public.Culinary Kids Culinary Arts Initiatives is in affiliation with the WIC and SNAP Program yearly to reach low-economic clients who need to have access to Fresh organic produce for themselves and their children. Through the Culinary Kids Youth Farmers Market Entrepreneurship program, students will learn hands-on how to operate a farmers market/farmstand as well as selling techniques for selling produce to the public. Students will also learn, Marketing and Advertising, basic accounting and inventory skills, and processing orders with wireless merchant’s terminals. (Cash, Debit/Credit, EBT.)

Culinary Kids Aquaculture Program

Aquaculture is the science of utilizing fish and its waste byproduct as a natural fertilizer to grow fruits and vegetables in a soiless medium. Fruits and vegetables can be quickly grown utilizing this method as oppose to growing in soil. Not only do you harvest fruits and vegetables, but you can harvest fresh fish as well. Starting from Broodstock to fingerlings to grow out. Children learn hands on Fish Farming techniques as well as monitoring PH levels. The students also learn the difference between pond rearing and raceway breeding of fish.