Culinary Kids Emergency Food Management Program

The first of its kind in the five boroughs of New York City , this program is designed for catastrophic events such as terrorism or a natural disaster. In the event of this, Culinary Kids Culinary Arts Intiaitves land usage (food production) will be given away free of charge to our community. Along with this, reverse osmosis will be implemented for fresh consumable drinking water. This program was introduced in Summer 2009.

Culinary Kids Food Bank

Culinary Kids Food Bank has been servicing communities since Summer 2009. The Food Bank consists of non-perishable items as well as healthy food and vegetables from our Youth Farmer’s Market monthly.

Culinary Kids Holistic Wellness Program

Culinary Kids Holistic Wellness Program in partnership with Olympus Garden Club will be dealing with many aspects of holistic medicine and herbology. In 2011, Culinary Kids will be hosting several workshops on this topic. Check back periodically for further details.

Culinary Kids Healthy Initiatives Program

Culinary Kids Healthy Initiatives Program introduce toddlers to teens, even young adults to more healthier and nutritious alternatives to their daily diet. Through workshops we begin dialogue and discussion and implementation of the whole spectrum of a healthier lifestyle.

Culinary Kids; The Carolinas

This is a program which deals with reading, literacy, poetry, writing and Urban Rural Sustainable Agriculture. Director of Programs and Operations: Jerry Hines.